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Patrons Star Renewable Energy

Star Renewable Energy

Heating without fossil fuels

Star Refrigeration

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 Star Refrigeration
 Sector / industry  District Heating (Heatpumps)
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  90C Heatpumps sourcing heat from rivers
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 Worldwide but especially areas with existing heat networks
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Contact Star Renewable Energy

Dave Pearson, CEO of Star Renewable Energy

Glasgow, Scotland (Headquarters)

+44 1416 387 916

Contact email: sales@star-ref.co.uk



Fb: www.facebook.com/StarRenewableEnergy

Tw: @wasteheatuser


Company profile

Star Refrigeration Ltd are the UKs largest industrial refrigeration contractor. Responsible for large segments of cold chain services for supermarkets, food production facilities, pharma and petrochemical.

Established in 1970, the company has grown to 350 employees across the original segment of industrial refrigeration but also with significant competence in the design and manufacture of industrial freezing equipment for fruits and berries as well as ready meals and convenience foods via subsidiary Starfrost (www.starfrost.com)

The most recent expansion is into large heatpumps for district heating and Star Renewable Energy has been formed to focus on this fast moving ENERGY segment.

With sources of heat quite prevalent from rivers to underground water sources to industrial waste heat such as data centers or plastics manufacture, it is now viable to “harvest” that heat and deliver at 90C for district heating.

Success story

Drammen in Norway have been operating the world’s largest 90C heatpump since 2010 and have delivered over 200GWh of heat to the local community.

This is achieved by cooling the local fjord to harvest heat. This is simply refrigeration on a large scale. http://neatpump.com/media-coverage/bbc.aspx