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 Full range of services in the field of electrical engineering
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 Southeast, Central, and Northern Europe
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Borko Torbica, Executive Vice President

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banjaluka (headquarters)

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Elnos Group is an international electrical engineering concern. By nurturing a 70-year-long tradition, Elnos Group applies its knowledge and experience in building lasting values. Numerous construction, reconstruction, and modernization projects have ranked us among the leading companies for facilities of up to 400 kV (within power stations, power grids, infrastructure projects, industry, and installations). This makes a solid foundation for providing a comprehensive range of services of Elnos Group, which leads to the achievement of energy, economic, ecological, and social progress.

Our strategy is focused on long-term profitable growth of the company. Professional approach to modern requirements and future markets, along with the adoption and application of the latest technology, has positioned us among the companies that keep pace with global trends.

Elnos Group’s operations are concentrated in twelve business centers in Southeast, Central, and Northern Europe. By successfully following global trends in the field of electrical engineering, Elnos Group offers competitive solutions for even the most complex tasks.


Our portfolio and references are the best illustrated by the achieved results. Only in 2014 we have participated in a number of capital projects, including: the two largest energy projects in Sweden (South West Link 2, and construction of seven wind farms settled west of Ramsele), also construction of Thermal Power Plant Stanari and building of the highway Banjaluka-Doboj in the Republic of Srpska, as well as reconstruction and modernization of the railway Belgrade- Niš in Serbia. In particular, we еmphasize two major projects in the field of hydro energy - complete rehabilitation of HPP Zvornik and build a new SHPP Bočac 2. Rehabilitation of HPP Zvornik includes: four generators and transformer substations of 110 kV, projecting and execution of electromechanical works, delivery and commissioning of the protective control devices, delivery and commissioning of the power plant control system, while in the construction of new SHPP Bočac 2 our company leads the complete electromechanical and hydro mechanical equipment. Realization of these two hydro energy projects started in 2014 and due to its complexity it will last HPP Zvornik until 2018, and SHHE Bočac 2 by 2016.

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